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Base Module – This module includes the basic features to get your website running.  This includes the following:

  • Configuration– This includes:
    • all menu configurations
    • coloring of the site
    • logo uploads
    • email content management
    • user management
    • dropdown menu management
    • keyword management
  • HomeThis module gives you the ability to describe the history of your business and add photos if needed.
  • LocationsThis module gives you the functionality to allow your customers to contact you.  The following can be added to any given location:
    • Address
    • Phone Numbers
    • Directions to your offices and any other information in regards to office
    • Email
    • Location hours
    • A picture of the location
  • Company Headlines – This module can be used for news, events, services that your business may offer.  It can basically be used to convey any information you would like to provide to your customers.

Add On Modules

  • Employees – This is a list of the employees of the business with a brief Biography of each person and the office location they work. (
  • Photo Galleries - Easy and configurable way to add photos of events, parties or possibly previous work done to your website.  Some example usage of this can be a Bar hosting an event and posting that information to their website (  Another example can be previous work done (
  • Customers – This is a list of customers serviced by your business.  An example of this is on
  • Products / Services – This module contains all the products and services a business may offer.  The products and services can be arranged in categories and each product or service can have many price classifications.  An example of this is on
  • TransactionsThis module gives customers the ability to purchase products or services on the website.  To use this module the registration module must be purchased. (
  • Registration – This module gives your customers the ability to create an account on your website.
  • Service Requests – When customers have specific issues or requests, this module can be used to track those issues or requests.  If the Registration module is purchased your customers can have the ability to enter those requests.  If the registration module is not purchased then those requests can be track internally through the website.
  • Appointments – This module can be used to keep track of the appointments you have throughout the day with your customers or non-customer based appointments.  If you purchase the registration module your customers will have the ability to make appointment requests through your website.

Emails – The first 5 emails are FREE.

Support and Service (Optional) – If you have any issues or question Codifying Design can be contacted through email or phone.  Support and service also provides you with upgrades to your base system.

Needed Base Support and Service (Optional) – This service is on an as needed bases and costs $50 per hour with a minimum of a 1 hr charge.

Initial Setup Fee – This includes setting up the template for your domain and the domain setup.